From strength training and body sculpting to core conditioning, or private yoga, we have personal trainers that will help you move better, feel stronger, and look leaner. 

Our training programs are built to help you reach your goals, keep your workouts fresh, and make exercise exciting.

After an initial consultation, your trainer will customize a program based on your fitness goals.

When you work with one of our trainers, your gym membership is free. 


Tyler Sprockhoff
Fitness Director

Bachelor of Sports Science
ISSA Personal Training certification

Tyler has a Bachelor of Sports Science and currently holds an ISSA Personal Training certification. Tyler is a former collegiate athlete in soccer and is a 4-time junior Olympian in alpine ski racing. He believes in training clients with high-intensity methods mixing both cardio and weights into every workout. Whether it's losing weight, gaining muscle, feeling better, and making a lifestyle change, Tyler has the experience to accommodate all goals. Whatever your fitness goals may be, he will develop a personalized experience to suit your needs! Nothing is impossible!

Giovanna Knudsen.jpeg

Giovanna Knudsen
Yoga Alliance RYT 200

Giovanna has been involved in the fitness industry for the past 3 ½ years teaching group fitness classes in Barre and Yoga, and working 1-on-1 with her clients. Her goal as a trainer is to create a welcoming, judgment-free experience that will allow her clients to thrive so that they may find new levels of possibilities in their bodies and minds. She walks with purpose and by example, recognizing the profound impact each human-to-human interaction she has can achieve. Giovanna makes working out something to look forward to, which she accomplishes by switching up exercises and format regularly. Every time you come in for a session or a class, you will be happily surprised by what she has in store for you!


Ian Watson
Bachelors of Exercise Science

Ian is a certified Exercise Physiologist and trainer from ACSM, and is graduating this May from Kent State University with a Bachelors in Exercise Science. Ian has been training for the last 6 years, beginning with sports performance during baseball season and now working for overall health. Ian is currently training strength and hypertrophy but is also working on improving his cardiovascular health. With the education and certification, Ian is dedicated to helping a variety of individuals with improving their cardiovascular health, weight loss, strength gain and overall quality of life.