S.W.E.A.T. Round II

Introducing a group personal training program like no other designed to jumpstart your fitness and reboot your health. Our innovative 8-week program delivers a never dull and dynamic workout that builds strength, burns calories, ramps up your metabolism and ignites your energy. Reboot your body and your mind with S.W.E.A.T.! CLASSES STARTS JULY 11. SIGN UP TODAY!


  • Includes a FREE gym membership during the 8 week program. Take advantage of unlimited gym access.

  • Nutrition advice, Q and A workshop, and supplement recommendations.
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts on spa services designed to recharge your mind and replenish your body.

  • Recover from your workout by enjoying complimentary use of our eucalyptus steam room.

  • Each class is 45 minute in duration, 4x per week.

  • Class sizes are 3-10 participants.

  • S.W.E.A.T is designed for ALL fitness levels from beginner to advanced.

$349–just $11 per class per person.
(Ask about our payment options).

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday–6:30 AM, 12:15 PM, or 5:45 PM       
Saturday–9:00 AM